Server Information

Client installation

Client installation

1. First shut down the old client (if you have it open)

2. Download the required SA:MP version 0.3.7(primary server) / 0.3DL.

3. Launch the downloaded client by double-clicking on its icon (from the place where you saved it)

4. Click on "I Agree".

5. A window will open in which you will find the location of the installed GTA San Andreas game. (If you didn't change it during installation of GTA San Andreas, the path is C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\).

6. Click on "Install".

7. Wait until the line reaches from left to right. Then click on "Finish".

Connecting to the server

1. After the installation of client the server list from the previous version will remain.

2. A) If you have installed sa-mp for the first time, you can add our server to your favorites by clicking on this link where you choose "launch application samp.exe" and then click on "Add to Favorites".

3. B) If you do not succeed in this procedure, then launch samp.exe (desktop shortcut) and at the top click on the orange pipe and write in the window that pops up and then click OK.

4. Double-click on the line with the server to pop up a window with information about the server. By clicking on "Connect" you will connect to the server.

Possible installation and startup issues

1. Issue: After installing the client or connecting to the server, the game lags or crashes.

1. Fix: Uninstall the mods (s0beit, Cleo). If that doesn't help, reinstall the entire GTA San Andreas and leave it unmodified!

2. Issue: An error message popped up with options during the installation "Abort","Retry","Ignore".

2. Fix: Always choose "Ignore".

3. Issue: When connecting to the server, it tells me that I have a bad nickname.

3. Fix: The nick either contains illegal characters or the nick you have chosen is already online on the server. Allowed characters are (a-z,A-Z,0-9).

4. Issue: After connectiong to the server it tells me "Incorrect version".

4. Fix: You have the wrong version of the client and you probably haven't read this guide.

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