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Premium credit is used for purchasing a premium accounts and also for this special premium commands

/premiumcrew to meet the conditions for buying a company or gang (if you don't meet them) (30,000 credits required)

/newnick possibility to change your nickname (10,000 credits required)

/skipmission skip the current mission on the islands (1,000 credits required)

/skipquest skip the current daily quest on the new one (1,000 credits required)

/skiplevel kip the level you now have to fulfill (500 credits required)

/skipprison you will be released from prison (500 credits required)

/shortprison your prison time will be shortened (100 credits required)

- Possibility to buy a special premium on vehicles in the company and gang garage (required 15credits * max. number of vehicles * number of days)

/AirAmmo possibility to remotely purchase from the Ammu-nation shop by a plane shipping

/armour can be used maximally 10 seconds after spawn (to put on your armour)

/hide hide your player mark on the map and radar

/unhide Your player mark will be displayed on the map and radar

/friends list of your friends

/colors You can write to the chats in any color

- You will earn full mission rewards, with any skin

- Possibility to set up - the bank transfer payments

- Possibility to set up - all of the profits will be sent to your bank account

- You can use commands for teleporting to safe zones in towns (warp) /lv /sf /ls

- When the police or a soldier arrest you, your prison time will be half the time

- After releasing out of prison, you get your weapons back

- You won't get the prison clothes if you will arrested

- You can rent the hotel room for up to 96 hours

- You can rent a billboards for up to 48 hours

- Premium title behind the Nickname in the chat

- Possibility to save the color of your nick after disconnecting

- You will receive 20 extra slots in your custom list of audio /radio

- Shorter the prison time in a solitary confinement 30 seconds

/NOS mount the nitrous into the vehicle

/call call the vehicle at your current location from slots 0-3

/flip turn the vehicle on wheels

/canister possibility to refuel and use your canister

/vehiclecolor possibility to change of vehicle color

- Possibility to place your own text on the sides of the vehicle

- Possibility to mount neon lights on the vehicle

- Possibility to put taxi signs and police lights on the roof of the vehicle

/call call up the vehicle from the garage to your current location from all slots

/respawngarage respawn all vehicles in the garage

- Possibility to own up to 8 vehicles

- Vehicles can be parked anywhere (except warp safe zones)

- If you add a vehicle to the garage slot, the expiration date will be shortened

- If you remove the vehicle from the garage slot, the expiration date will be extended

/missionVW possibility to do your missions in the virtual world

/missionVWoff return to the normal world

- The command can be used only when your mission is running

- You also enter a 4-digit numeric PIN as a password to your virtual world

- If another player uses the same PIN, you will see each other in the virtual world


I lost my premium credits, who should I report it to? Will you return them to me?

- You can contact the owner - ATomas in the private message and send all the informations about lost credits and your game account Nickname.

What are the premium benefits good for?

- Premium is a kind of advantage with which you will get many benefits that can make your game more enjoyable. Please see the list of premium benefits, certainly most of them really have something to offer!

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