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Server rules

Any advantageous modifications added to the official game (cheats, sobeit, weapon hack, skins) are forbidden.
After being caught using any advantageous modifications/cheats tree times, a player will be permanently banned regardless of other bans.

A player has to follow any rules established by an administrator, if their behaviour is appropriate and not in conflict with any rules.

A player must behave appropriately in chat (especially while communicating with administators). Vulgar behavior, swearing and spam is strictly prohibited - continuous begging for money/property is also considered spam. Illegal and immoral behavior will not be tolerated.

Accessing the server with a vulgar nickname or with a nickname, which imitates long-term players or administrators is forbidden.
In the case of changing a player's nickname to a multi-color nickname a player is not allowed to change the original nickname.

If a player finds a bug in the game mode, he is obliged to report it to the specified section on the server website (Errors/Suggestions for server improvement). A player has to assist with fixing the bug. Not reporting a bug is punishable.

Trading is allowed only through the tools provided by the game mode (/auction /sellcar etc.). A player must conduct all trades in a way in which he can not be scammed.

Trading with real money is not allowed (including sending SMS payments to other portals, games or websites), with the exception of buying the premium currency on our server.

It is strictly forbidden to promote any other game portals or websites that may interfere with the security of the server or are immoral in nature.

Interfering with the operation of the server or purposefully burdening it is strictly forbidden.

10. RULE
To report any violation of the rules you should use, but not misuse, the /report command. In the case of cheating use /cheat. In the case that you want to report an administrator or a gang member you should report it to the respective section on the website.

11. RULE
It is forbidden to attempt or commit fraud against players or administrators. A player may report any other player who tried to or did commit fraud against him/her by using the ''Create Ticket'' button in the top navigation.

12. RULE
If an administrator provides you with internal information from the administrator's section and you do not report it, you will be punished.

13. RULE
Any proof provided by a player that comes from social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is not admissable. Only the head administrator may make an exception.

14. RULE
Visiting foreign accounts and damaging them is strictly forbidden. If an owner of the account voluntarily allow to enter, an administrator won't punnish anyone if the account is damaged.

15. RULE
It is not allowed to own company, gang, property or house on another account [MULTI ACC].

16. RULE
Imitating system messages, abusing of commands or prompting to disconnect via /q command is forbidden.

17. RULE
All inquiries or offers belong to /ad (For example: "I need a lawyer", "I want to join a gang" ,"I want to buy...", "I want to sell...").

18. RULE
Ushering a fake info in /ad, /stand, /survey, /press and on billboards is forbidden.

19. RULE
Blocking a spawn or a player's movement is forbidden. Killing on a warp and making any other improper things in warp zone is also forbidden.

20. RULE
It is not allowed to establish a stand on spawn positions, pickups or buildings entrance or set inappropriate names for them.

21. RULE
It is not allowed to shoot after summoned service from /call or to summon a service into a water. A player have to use summoned service.

22. RULE
It is forbidden to be inactive on the server without usage of /afk command.

23. RULE
Spreading a player personal information including player's social media, phone number, addres, etc is strictly forbidden. This rule does not apply on informations which are shared in player's card.

24. RULE
Disconnecting directly after a player broke a rule and he wasn't punished is strictly forbidden.

25. RULE
It is forbidden to manipulate with any estate which you had sold and after a server error or rollback was the estate given back to you.

26. RULE
Encourage players to break the rules is is strictly forbidden and it will be severely punished.

27. RULE
It is not allowed to have more than one multi account. You can be online only on one account.

28. RULE
It is forbidden to subvert or harm SuperPařba in any way anywhere. Subvert mean: systematic arguing of quarrels, contesting the owner, main admins, ordinary admins, etc... Effective lightening of the position of the owner, main admins and ordinary admins, etc.

29. RULE
It is forbidden to abuse or exploit for player's benefit ESC/F8 in derby event.

What is not in the rules may not necessarily be allowed!
These rules also apply to administrators!

The head administrators reserve the right to any manipulation of your game account if necessary.
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